Salon Spotlight…

Throughout 2019 we’re putting the spotlight on a different treatment each month to tell you more about what each entails and how it could work for you. This month we’re focussing on Indian Head Massage.
Treatment Name:
Indian Head Massage

Treatment Type:
Relaxing, holistic massage focussing on the face, scalp, neck and the shoulders – treating the body as a whole.  

Appointment Time:
This includes consultation and treatment time.  

When to Book:
Whenever you’d like to relax. Indian Head Massage has been known to help with stress and headaches.
Who’s it for?
Anyone, and it’d good for stress related conditions and relieving muscular tension. Can be carried out fully clothed. This treatment is performed in a chair so ideal for anyone less mobile who may have difficulties getting onto a couch. Can be booked during pregnancy after the first 3 months assuming there are no health issues.
What Happens?
Your therapist will use oils to massage your head, neck and face using a variety of pressure and techniques.

What Do I Need to Do Afterwards?
Drink plenty of water.

Relaxation and a sense of wellbeing.

Usually £42 for Indian Head Massage, or £57 for Indian Head Massage with Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage, however we have a special offer on both treatments this month (please see below!)