It is important to look after and maintain your new semi-permanent eyelash extensions in order to help them stay healthy and last longer so you can continue to flutter those lashes.

First 2hrs – Do not allow contact with water

First 2 Days – Avoid saunas, steam rooms, swimming and Jacuzzi’s

Daily Maintenance –

Do Not use oily products near the lash line as this will cause the adhesive to break down.

Do Not use waterproof mascara.

Do Not curl or tint the lashes.

Do Not pick or pull at your lashes.

Do be careful when sleeping; try not to sleep on your face.

Do ask your therapist / technician for advice and if they carry products to help maintain your new lashes.

Do book regular infills to keep your lashes looking fabulous.

Take a look at our YouTube video of an application of eyelash extensions.