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Throughout 2019 we’re putting the spotlight on a different treatment each month to tell you more about what each entails and how it could work for you. This month we’re focussing on lashes at the salon and explaining why we offer the different choices – and which you should book to see the results you desire.
Treatment Name:
Eyelash Extensions – we offer two varieties, Classic Lash Extensions or Russian Lash Extensions.

Treatment Type:
The professional application of individual lashes to your natural lashes.

Treatment Time:
This may vary depending on the clients own lashes and personal preferances, however as a guide we say to allow up to two hours. Rebalancing appointments may take less.
Who’s it for?
Anyone wishing to frame the eye and enhance their natural lashes. For those who would like to acheive longer, more visible lashes than their natural lashes we suggest the Classic Eyelash Extensions. For those wanting a more dramatic, thicker celebrity look, the Russian Lashes will help achieve that.

When to Book:
It’s completely up to you with this treatment, some clients like to wear their lashes year round, others will book in to help create a special look for an occassion. 
What Happens?
It all begins before the actual appointment! A minimum of 48 hours in advance we ask you to come in for a patch test appointment – this is nice and quick and we simply apply a few lashes using the glue we use in the main appointment, this simply allows us to avoid any adverse reactions. The glue used for Russian Lash Extensions is different to that used for Classic Lash Extensions so we will do the correct test based upon the lashes you’ll have applied at your main appointment. On the day of the apointment itself your Therapist will talk you through the process and apply the lashes – for lassic lashes they will use one lash extension per lash, for Russion it’s usually 3-4 per lash. They will also advise you of aftercare to keep your lashes looking their best.

What Do I Need to Do Afterwards?
Keep your lashes dry for the next 48 hours, so take extra care when showering. Regular cleaning is essential, day to day we recommend using an oil-free eye make up remover and a weekly ‘deep clean’ again using a non oily eye make up remover plus a disposable mascara wand (we supply these at your appointment). To keep lashes looking good we advise on a rebalance approximately every two weeks just to top up any lashes that have come out as your natural lashes shed. 

Beautifully framed eyes and stunning lashes.

Classic Lash Extensions are £69, Russian Lash Extensions are £79.
Call 01280 816101 to book.
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