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Throughout 2019 we’re putting the spotlight on a different treatment each month to tell you more about what each entails and how it could work for you. This month we’re focussing on facials at the salon and explaining why we offer the different choices – and which you should book to see the best results for your skin.
Treatment Name:
Facial – we offer a range of facials, each with a different depending on who it is for and the products used.

Treatment Type:
A professional skincare treatment that includes the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté.
Treatment Time:
Will vary depending on the type of facial you choose, the majority are a 60 minute treatment though with our Dr Renaud Essential Express Facial, Vitamin C Express Energy Facial and Anti-Age Fruit Acid Express Facial taking 30 minutes. 
Who’s it for?
Everyone! There are different facials for different skin types, treatments that are designed for skin at different ages, and those that target skin problems. In short, there’s a facial that will benefit you and we can help advise the best one to book.

When to Book:
Every 4-6 weeks ideally. If you are able to visit us less regularly, we recommend booking in at the beginning of each new season as skin needs change over the year. Anything is better than nothing though, and it allows you to have skin professionally assessed and receive the most up to date product recommendations for your skin.
What Happens?
Every facial will begin with a consultation, this is an opportunity for your therapist to understand the needs of your skin along with other factors such as your lifestyle and any particular concerns you may have. It allows us to ensure you get the best results and that we are using the most appropriate products and techniques. Typically the treatment itself begins with a cleanse followed by toning, an exfoliation then a massage which will incorporate the face, neck, shoulders and décolleté before a mask is applied. The treatment finishes with eye cream, serum and day cream being applied. Before you leave us the therapist will advise you on a skincare routine you can use at home.

What Do I Need to Do Afterwards?
Continue the good work of the facial at home by following a regular and consistent skincare routine.

Whichever facial you choose, you will find skin will look and feel clean, fresh and hydrated. Facials are a relaxing experience, so you will leave feeling relaxed and restored. Our Anti-Aging facials including the Mimosa Smoothing & Energising Facial, Anti-Age Iris Youthfullness & Firming Facial and Anti-Age Rose Facial are designed to relax fine lines and wrinkles. Our Intensive Botanical Prescription Facials are designed to treat specific skin issues so results depend on the specific issue treated, and they are highly effective.

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