Salon Spotlight…

Throughout 2019 we’re putting the spotlight on a different treatment each month to tell you more about what each entails and how it could work for you. This month we’re focussing on Shellac Nails.
Treatment Name:
Shellac Hands or Shellac Feet

Treatment Type:
Long wear nail polish which can be removed without damage to the natural nails.

Appointment Time:
One hour. 

Who’s it for? 
Anyone wanting a long lasting nail colour. Great for anyone in a hurry as there’s zero dry time – shoes or gloves can be put on straight afterwards without the worry of smudging your new nails!
What Happens?
Your nails are prepared including cuticle work before the Shellac colour of your choice is applied. Nails are cured under a lamp which means they are immediately dry.

What Do I Need to Do Afterwards?
Apply cuticle oil or balm regularly to keep your nails is good condition – we stock Solar Oil (£2.99) and Badger Organic Cuticle Balm (£6.99) at the salon. We also advise against picking at your nails, and ensure you return to have them removed professionally to avoid any damage.

A long lasting nail colour with high shine – or, if you prefer a matte finish, or gliter top coat!

£27.50 for Shellac Hands or Shellac Feet, or book both together for £55.
Shellac removal without damage to the natural nail.
Call 01280 816101 to book.
‘Don’t pick at your nails, even when you want to remove the colour as it causes damage which will weaken the natural nail underneath. Instead book a professional removal at the salon’.