Supplier Spotlight

Before we introduce a new brand into the salon we spend time researching them with the quality of the products, training and client experience all paramount. Having done our market research and spoken with fellow salon owners we selected Lycon for our Hot Waxing. We love that they are a market leader in their field, and with good reason!
The products are of the highest quality making the waxing process easier for both the Therapist and our clients – it is virtually pain free thanks to their wax the wax adheres to the hair rather than the skin.
The company also offer excellent training and a number of our Therapists have now attended their courses, coming away with the skills and knowledge required. As we used Lycon to offer our Intimate Waxing this was an area we needed to be confident in so our Therapists could perform the treatments and reassure clients who are sometimes a little nervous.

Established in Australia over 40 years ago by Lydia Jordanne and internationally reknowned Beauty Therapist, Lycon waxing products are forulated using the finest natural resins and are not subject to any animal testing.

If you’d like to learn more about Lycon Prescion Waxing please just ask.