Supplier Spotlight
This month we’re putting the spotlight on tanning brand, St Tropez. St Tropez is the leading tanning brand chosen by influencers, celebrities, salon professionals and beauty editors alike.

St.Tropez’s products give a natural looking, streak-free tan with their paraben-free, easy-to-apply formulations, each of which contains a natural tanning agent. All tanning products from St Tropez, both those used in the salon for our professional spray tans and those sold for home use are cruelty-free.  The brand also has a range of vegan friendly tanning products.

For home use, St Tropez produce self tan and gradual tan which builds over time. The self tanning products contain a higher concentration of the tanning agent (DHA), which results in a natural looking tan. Their gradual tans contain a lower level of tanning agent than the self tan which gives skin a sun kissed glow which builds with each application.

St Tropez use a 100% natural form of Dihydroxyacetone (also known as DHA) called Vegetan as their tanning agent, this is derived from plant sources including wheat and rapeseed. DHA reacts with the amino acids found in the upper epidermis (the top layer of the skin) and produces a different tones of colouration from yellow to brown. The levels of amino acids vary from person to person which is why we all naturally tan slightly differently in the sun, and the same applies with St Tropez tanning products.

The tanning products are combined with a unique blend of skin conditioning ingredients designed to protect and hydrate skin.

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